Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai

Best Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai

After the tremendous response from clients to our Freezer van for rent in Dubai  and chiller Truck rental services. We are pleased to introduce Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai. Throughout the UAE with temperature adjustment such as single/multi-temperature compartments and longitudinal lanes.

We are considered the market leader in the UAE’s Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai company. Specially in the Temperature Controlled Transportation industry. Our company operate a modern fleet of refrigerated Trucks and vehicles throughout the United Arab Emirates. Our staff are experts in transporting Chilled or solidified commodities in boxes, bundles, or beds throughout Dubai,

All vehicles are equipped with the most up-to-date cold-chain technology. As we are a Cold Chain Supplier Partner such as silent refrigeration systems, standby power, and the Latest Transcan temperature recorders.

What We Do

When you give us your refrigerated items, we make their security, safety, and preservation our first concern. You can move quickly with us:

  • Food and beverages
  • Biotechnology and chemicals
  • Products for health and beauty
  • Plants and flowers.
  • Frozen Items
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Dairy products
  • Short Notice & Time Critical Deliveries
  • Online Tracking & PODs

Whether you want to transport FRESH OR FROZEN fruits and vegetables, seafood, or dairy goods. Our highly educated and experienced drivers are always on the lookout for methods to exceed your expectations.

Why Chill Cool Fresh

Chill cool fresh is a well-known company that provides high-quality refrigerated Trucks. One of the reasons for providing refrigerated Truck is to protect perishables and safely carry them from one location to another.

3.5 tons, 4.5 tons, 7 tons, 10 tons  Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai

We provide Refrigerated Van for Rent in Dubai. That are well-maintained and equipped with the highest hygiene standards and refrigeration units.

Our refrigeration units offer a high power supply and a comfortable working temperature. The items are also kept cold throughout travel due to battery power.

We offer quality chiller Truck , & freezer Truck Rental in Dubai. We are the leading best chiller van company in Dubai.

Our promise is to provide you the best services for chiller van rental in Dubai.

Call at +971 56 604 4655 or send us an email at  [email protected], and our experts will help you choose the best option.

Truck for Rent in Dubai, Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

Our refrigerated truck rental is available in a variety of configurations. Including Partitions and Tail lifts.
These features allow you to meet the multi-temperature requirements with one vehicle rather than renting another.

Truck for Rent in Dubai, Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

Refrigerated Truck with Tail Lift Dubai

Come Directly at Chill Cool Fresh, If you're looking for high-quality refrigerated transport for rent. In Dubai, we are a well-known refrigerated transportation provider. We have a fleet of high-tech, high-precision vehicles capable of putting big and bulk materials into their refrigeration units. Rent the greatest quality refrigerated transport from us for trading any type of product that demands refrigeration.

Truck for Rent in Dubai, Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

Refrigerated Truck with Partition Dubai

Please contact CCF, If you want an efficient refrigerated truck for the delivery of perishable commodities as well as other items. Chill Cool Fresh Dubai is dedicated to providing the highest quality refrigerated truck with partition. These refrigerated trucks include a barrier in the middle for separate product storage and are equipped with a mechanical refrigeration system.

Do you need Toyota Hiace for Rent?

We provide a variety of Toyota Hiace refrigerated and freezer vans for rent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, with chilled transport capacity of up to 1 tonne.

Do you need a Toyota Hiace?   

Truck for Rent in Dubai, Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

Refrigerated Trucks Hire Dubai, UAE

Are you seeking for the best quality refrigerated truck for lease?

You have truly arrived at the appropriate location. Chill Cool Fresh CCF Refrigerated Trucks & Refrigerated Van for Rent in Dubai. We are committed of providing outstanding refrigerated truck rental to clients.

Our icebox trucks, being the biggest supplier of cooler truck rental in Dubai, can stack various things and a large load in its refrigeration unit. This unit is capable of working for a longer period of time.

We provide rental chilled and cold transit in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah. We provide outstanding cost-effective options for refrigerated vans in Dubai. Chiller vans, and freezer vans, all under one roof

Best Refrigerated Truck Solution Provider

We regard your perishable items to be our assets. For our customers, we keep things simple and easy. When you hand over your refrigerated items to our professionals, they become our priority in terms of security, safety, and preservation.

We strive to provide customer-friendly solutions that are flexible and affordable, alternatives as to the leading  Refrigerated van and Refrigerated Truck for Rent in Dubai.

For this, we have a variety of chiller Trucks available for the short notice, monthly, annual, weekly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily, hourly basis, and seasonal basis. We also provide Refrigerated Van rental Dubai, both with and without a driver.

Give us a call at +971 56 604 4655 or send us an email at  [email protected], and our experts will help you choose the best option.

Truck for Rent in Dubai, Refrigerated Trucks for Rent in Dubai

Hire our chiller vans & Truck.!

We are proud to deliver the best services to our clients, providing our chiller van rental services in Dubai and all over UAE. We are just one call away. Feel free to contact us. 


You can simply call us at +97156 6044655 for more info, estimate, and bookings or you can contact us through our facebook page

We offer chiller vans with 1 and 1.5 ton capacities (standard and high roof) that may be customized to meet your specific requirements. For additional information, please contact us at +97156 6044655.

You can easily carry your fruits & vegetables, pharma, healthcare, biotech & chemicals, flowers & plants, and dairy products. NOTE: We don’t support any illegal goods to be carried with us.

It depends on many factors. However, you can see our pricing or give us a call at +97156 6044655. or hit us an email [email protected] for more info.

We provide both vehicle driver and without driver, depending on the needs of the clients.